SIA New Product Showcase

Welcome to the official website of the Security Industry Association's (SIA) New Product Showcase (NPS), the security industry's premier awards-based marketing program. The NPS was established in 1979 to recognize innovative products, services and solutions in electronic physical security. Technologies showcased through this program are used in the protection of life and property in residential, commercial and institutional settings.

Each year at ISC West, the NPS program recognizes winners in several product and service categories and presents the prestigious Judges Choice and Best New Product awards. The NPS also offers a special physical display area where buyers can discover the latest in security products.

Bringing Innovation to the Forefront

Benefit for designers, engineers and innovators

For the designers, engineers and innovators of electronic security equipment and services, the NPS is an established, proven channel for launching new products and services. For less than the price of a half-page advertisement in an industry trade publication, the NPS speeds the time to market by promoting new products and services through an integrated marketing communications campaign that brings buyers to your ISC West Booth. Gain valuable exposure for your product among key decision makers within vertical commercial segments, as well as in government and institutional markets.

Benefit for buying community

For the buying community - consultants, specifiers, integrators, and security professionals (corporate and government) - the NPS is a trusted and valued source for information on the latest products and technologies available. Visit this site prior to ISC West to research and plan your ISC Show experience. After the Show and throughout the year, visit our website to find the security solutions you need.

SIA NPS Contact Information

For inquiries regarding New Product Showcase Entry, please contact:

Joe Gittens
Phone: 301-804-4709

New Product Showcase Application Process

Step 1: Read the NPS policies to determine the eligibility of your product or service.
Step 2: Complete an Entry Form and submit it to Trish Moubayed by email or fax at +1 203 840 5916. The entry form secures your space in the NPS program.
Deadline: February 15, 2019*
Step 3: Once your Entry Form is received, you will receive an email containing the link to submit your product information and technical specifications. The deadline to submit your product information is February 15, 2019
Step 4: At ISC West: Product presentations to judges on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 (beginning at 8:30 am) and NPS Awards Ceremony on April 10, 2019 at 3:30 pm

Why Enter the SIA New Product Showcase Awards?

  • Entries reviewed by 30+ independent judges
  • Your product displayed at ISC West 2019
  • Over 30,000 potential buyers at the show
  • Opportunity for Best New Product, Judges’ Choice and category recognition
  • Discounted entries for SIA members


To participate in the New Product Showcase program, your company and new product must meet the following criteria:

  1. Each participating company must be a contracted ISC West 2019 exhibitor.
  2. The product or service entered in the New Product Showcase (NPS) program must have been released after April 13, 2018, and must be available for sale and shipment on or before April 9, 2019.
  3. If, after registering for the NPS, a company discovers that the product or service entered will not be available for sale and shipment by April 9, 2019, its representative is required to notify the Security Industry Association (SIA) as soon as possible. The company has the option of continuing to promote the product on the NPS website, in the on site display at ISC West, and in the NPS booklet (if prior to print deadline), but the product will not be eligible for any award. Failure to advise SIA that the product will not be available by April 9, 2019, may result in the company being disqualified from the 2019 NPS program and barred from future NPS programs for as many as 2 years.

Note: To receive the discounted SIA member rate, exhibitors must be a SIA member by January 25, 2019

Category Name Description
Access Control Devices & Peripherals Electronic and electromechanical devices used to monitor and / or control physical access points when connected / networked to access control systems or deployed as stand-alone systems. Includes readers, turnstiles, electric portals, REX devices, lock releases and other access control door peripherals.
Access Control Devices & Peripherals Wireless Products defined in the Access Control Devices & Peripherals category that operate or transmit data via wireless protocols (e.g. RF, Bluetooth, Low- Energy Bluetooth, Microwave, WiFi, etc.).
Access Control Software and Controllers Electronic systems software or controllers that manage databases and / or field hardware for the physical control and tracking of personnel access to facilities or other controlled assets. Includes stand- alone, networked, virtual, and appliance-based systems.
Anti‐Terrorism / Force Protection Products that reduce the vulnerabilities, risks, or consequences of threats associated with brute force attacks or other hostile actions against personnel, facilities, and critical information. Products in this category may include barriers, fences, or specialized materials that deter, detect, delay, or otherwise reduce the effects of threats such as WMD(s), IED(s), ballistics, vehicles, or other weapons.
Cloud Solutions Solutions that are designed to provide for various security services (e.g. Video, Access Control, Visitor Management), security-related IT functions (e.g. Archiving, Data Storage, raw computing capabilities), or comprehensive integrated security/facility management functions through the use of virtualized and/or dynamically allocated resources provided by a collection of public ("The Cloud") or private ("private cloud") computing resources. Cloud solutions may employ a combination of strategically configured commercial services (e.g. Amazon Web Services) and/or specially designed physical hardware servers/applications/appliances that provide customized security-related services for a large number of individual customers.
Commercial Monitoring Solutions Hardware or software designed for use in the execution of security system monitoring or commercial applications. A monitoring product may be designed for use in the central station or locally by the user. Examples include alarm monitoring software and hardware, central station monitoring and video verification software.
Communications Solutions Wired or wireless communication / signal transmission solutions using any medium that provide(s) more efficient, cost effective, faster, reliable, transmission distance and / or enhanced security of communications in support of security and security operations, including but not limited to monitoring, command and control, detection, supervision, signal conversion, and / or technology enhancements.
Convergence and Integrated Software and Solutions Innovative solutions that enable integration between traditional security systems, building management systems, and IT environments, as well as products that support the features and benefits of multiple technologies into a single solution. This includes integration of a physical access control system with logical access control maintained by an IT system. Products may incorporate intrusion detection, access control, video monitoring and life safety functions within a single system.
Cyber Security Software applications, utilities, or hardware designed to promote the security of security by reducing vulnerabilities to cyber security breaches or failures in logical security measures. This would include active or passive measures for the control, monitoring, tracking, identification, or blocking of attacks / breaches, and / or bridging of logical and physical security systems.
Design, Diagnostic, and Installation Tools Innovative products that support the design, installation, functions, or operation of a security products or systems.  This includes software programs, mobile system utilities, pre-application verification tools, wire/cable testers, installation tools, connectors, and any other appurtenance to assist in the design, installation, diagnostics or maintenance of security systems.
Emergency Communication Systems Products in this category shall include solutions designed to facilitate notification of security and / or safety information to select groups of people or the general public via electronic means.  Products may include hardware, software, devices or services.
Environmental Monitoring Systems Systems, Sub-Systems or Devices used in the detection of chemical, biological, and / or radiological elements / materials considered to represent possible life-safety hazards. This includes actuating devices, control devices, detectors, processing equipment or warning systems.
Fire / Life Safety Solutions designed primarily for fire prevention, detection and notification. This includes fire controllers, smoke/heat detectors, sirens / annunciators, keypads, pull stations, sprinkler systems and voice evacuation systems. Operates via hard-wire or wireless protocols.
Green / Sustainable Solutions Products (formerly Green Solutions/Energy Conservation Products) Products in this category may demonstrate reduced energy consumption over previous models or demonstrate overall energy efficiencies through their use or integration with other systems. These products may also contribute to the sustainable environment through manufacturing or distribution processes. Products may also provide support of other systems or processes used to monitor, report and / or manage energy use and efficiencies.
Hosted Solutions / Managed Services A method of providing various monitoring, management, storage or processing functions to eliminate the need for these functions to managed by an individual customer or f at a fixed location. These are network-based systems or "Cloud" services that provide various security system functions (e.g. Video, Access Control, Intrusion) that are managed via an expandable computing environment. The computing environment may include virtual processing and storage capabilities that are collocated or geographically separated while providing a single logical interface to the individual customer.
Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions Technologies engineered to detect and / or prevent unauthorized entry into a secure area. This includes physical or electronic products that support or interface with monitoring or command and control systems, as well as annunciators, arm / disarm stations, batteries and power supplies, bells and sirens, and control communications. Products or software solutions engineered to reduce the occurrence of false alarms and, most importantly false police dispatches.
Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions Wireless Products defined in the Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions category that operate via wireless protocols.
Law enforcement / Guarding Systems Products shall support the efficacy of law enforcement, guarding, or the protection of personnel in the performance of these duties through increased speed, improved reporting, or enhanced management of processes. Products may include garments / apparel, hardware or software.
Lock Systems and Secure Storage Containers Mechanical devices, electro-mechanical locks, door hardware products or other security hardware, including mechanical computer locks, keyless locks, key control systems, safes and vaults, electronic locks, computer-activated key locking, egress devices, and other hardware or systems used for the security and safety of persons, materials or property.
Loss Prevention and Article Surveillance Solutions Solutions that provide functions of Article Surveillance, Inventory Control or Shoplifting deterrence and detection. Products may include wireless or wired devices, software, or other means methods and means of reducing material or intellectual materials.
Mobile Apps Applications running on a variety of mobile platforms (e.g. Android, IOS, Windows) that provide various monitoring, productivity, or management functions for access control, identity management, location services, or intrusion security systems or sub-systems.
Network Support Solutions Formerly called IP Devices, Products and Software, this category includes innovative solutions that enable security devices to be installed, maintained or monitored on a network. Examples include network switches designed for security environments, wired and wireless Ethernet solutions, network converters, and software designed to support the monitoring of network or device status and video encoders.
Outdoor Perimeter Protection Products designed to work outdoors to protect large, open perimeters or fence lines. This includes fences, gates, gate operators, outdoor intrusion sensors, perimeter barriers and deterrents, security lighting, security entry doors, microwave perimeter devices, on-the-fence detection systems, seismic sensors and outdoor motion detectors.
Personal Protective Equipment Refers to protective garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury. The hazards addressed by protective equipment include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, airborne particulate matter.
Residential and Monitoring Solutions Formerly called Home Automation, this category was broadened to recognize the increasing complexity of software and hardware products designed for residential use. Products may feature a combination of audio/visual, IT, personal emergency response systems and security technologies to bring homeowners a higher level of convenience, safety and security. Products such as central vacuum, custom sound & video, communications systems, environmental and energy controls, home theater, HVAC, lighting and low voltage controls, software and phone systems are included in this category.
Threat / Risk Management Systems Stand-alone or integrated software applications used to identify threats to the enterprise and provide actionable intelligence or instruction to the user to reduce the risks and / or consequences to their operations through data sharing, data analytics, visual recognition, and / or mapping.
Unmanned Products including aerial or ground vehicles / robots, or other unmanned mobile equipment solutions of all classes and categories that operate autonomously or via remote control to provide support of security operations through the use of visual, sound, and / or other sensors.  Products may also include hardware or software that aid in the operation or integration of these solutions into the security enterprise.
User Authentication, Identification, Credentialing and Management Products used to facilitate the identification and authentication of users through manual /visual or electronic means.  Products - hardware or software - that use biometric technologies for identification, access control and forensic review, and those related to identity management, employee verification, crisis response and recovery, field monitoring and tracking, visitor management and badges, high security ID and credentialing. Includes products or peripherals using fingerprint, iris scan, facial recognition, photo ID, smart cards and other methods of user authentication, as well as hardware and software used in the management, provisioning and / or production of a user credential.
Video Analytics Video products engineered to gather, access and analyze video data in relation to a pre-determined set of criteria. Products may be software or hardware-based, may be integrated into other products such as cameras and may be used in real-time or forensic applications.
Video Surveillance Advanced Imaging Technologies Cameras that provide advanced video capture technologies, such as thermal imaging, night vision and infrared.
Video Surveillance Cameras HD (Megapixel) Cameras that provide high-definition video resolutions using network (e.g., Ethernet, IP) or direct cabling methods (e.g. coaxial, NTP).
Video Surveillance Cameras IP Video Surveillance cameras of any resolution using network (e.g. Ethernet, IP) or HDCCTV protocols.
Video Surveillance Data Storage Hardware, software or virtual solutions for the storage of video surveillance data.
Video Surveillance Hardware and Accessories Video accessories such as monitors, lenses, positioning devices, mounts, enclosures or consoles that introduce a new level of innovation or user benefit or improve the price point.
Video Surveillance Management Systems Hardware and software video management systems - NVR, DVR, HVR, VMS and virtual solutions for the management, display and distribution of video surveillance data.
Video Surveillance Mobile Solutions Hardware or software for video management systems enabling or supporting mobile monitoring and / or command and control using smartphone, tablet, PDA, or other mobile device.

Award Policies


  1. Each participating company must be a contracted ISC West 2019 exhibitor.
  2. The product or service entered in the New Product Showcase (NPS) program must have been released after April 13, 2018, and must be available for sale and shipment on or before April 9, 2019.
  3. If, after registering for the NPS, a company discovers that the product or service entered will not be available for sale and shipment by April 9, 2019, its representative is required to notify the Security Industry Association (SIA) as soon as possible. The company has the option of continuing to promote the product on the NPS website, in the on site display at ISC West, and in the NPS booklet (if prior to print deadline), but the product will not be eligible for any award. Failure to advise SIA that the product will not be available by April 9, 2019, may result in the company being disqualified from the 2019 NPS program and barred from future NPS programs for as many as 2 years.


  1. Presentations to the NPS judging panel will be made on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Each participating company agrees to make a representative available for its presentation time, which will be scheduled between 8:30am and 5:00pm on that date. (Presenters should plan on arriving in Las Vegas on Monday, April 8, 2019)
  2. Only those entries that have been presented to the judging panel are eligible to win an award.
  3. The judges who volunteer for the NPS are skilled and experienced in security technology design and application. Their names may be found in the front of the NPS booklet distributed at ISC West. Before participating on a judging panel, each judge must sign a Code of Ethics.
  4. Representatives of companies participating in NPS agree not to discuss their entry with any judge prior to their presentation or during the time between their presentation and the NPS award ceremony.
  5. Presenters who fail to show up at the scheduled time may forfeit their time block to present their product to the judging panel. Every effort will be made to locate the presenter and reschedule the presentation, but no guarantees are made that an alternate presentation time will be available on that day.
  6. Presenters are allowed to bring up to 5 VIP guests to attend the presentation to judges. Guests may be colleagues, vendors, or customers. Presenters should make arrangements in advance for their guests by contacting


  1. Winning companies will, in addition to receiving an award, be sent an NPS logo for use in electronic and printed promotional materials. The logo will be sent via e-mail along with a guide to graphic standards within two weeks of the conclusion of ISC West.
  2. The presentation of an award to a product or service does not constitute endorsement of that product or service by the Security Industry Association or the New Product Showcase.

More Information

For more information about eligibility or the judging process, please contact Joe Gittens at or call 301-804-4709 .

2019 Submissions

The SIA New Product Showcase (NPS) is the annual awards program to recognize new and innovative security products and services. Take a look at this year’s submission before the SIA NPS Judges review presentations at ISC West 2019 and don’t forget to attend the SIA NPS Award Ceremony on Wednesday, April 10 at 3:30pm on the ISC West Main Stage.

2019 Submissions

2019 Award Winners

Best New Product

IPVideo Corporation - Booth #20001

Judges' Choice

Alcatraz AI - Booth #17121

NPS Merit Award
Axis Communications - Booth #14051

Access Control Devices & Peripherals

Adams Rite - Booth #8061

Access Control Devices & Peripherals Wireless
Nexkey, Inc. - Booth #41034

Access Control Software and Controllers
ReconaSense - Booth #33091

Anti Terrorism / Force Protection

IPVideo Corporation - Booth #20001
Honorable Mention
Ameristar Perimeter Security - Booth #9073

Cloud Solutions
Arcules - Booth #31079

Commercial Monitoring Solutions
CHeKT - Booth #21130

Communication Solutions
Honeywell - Booth #12031

Convergence and Integrated Software and Solutions
Johnson Controls - Booth #20005
Honorable Mention
PnewSoft, LLC. - Booth #41032

Cyber Security
Razberi™ Technologies - Booth #13127
Honorable Mention
Gallagher - Booth #22125

Design, giagnostic, and Installation Tools
AEM - Booth #40934

Emergency Communications Systems
Neosen Energy - Booth #41130

Environmental Monitoring Systems
IPVideo Corporation - Booth #20001

Fire/Life Safety
DITEK Surge Protection - Booth #6117

Hosted Solutions/Managed Services
Viakoo - Booth #33087

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions
HSI Sensing - Booth #5046

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions
Wireless Securitech Group, Inc. - Booth #27117

Mobile Apps
Nirovision - Booth #1098

Network Support Solutions
Southco, Inc. - Booth #24134

Outdoor Perimeter Protection
FLIR Systems Inc. - Booth #20060

Residential and Monitoring Solutions
Alula - Booth #22059

Threat / Risk Management Systems
Athena Security - Booth #15130

Cobalt Robotics - Booth #7134

User Authentication, Identification, Credentialing and Mgmt
HID Global - Booth #11063
Honorable Mention
CrucialTrak Inc. - Booth #16059

Video Analytics

Vintra- Booth #23125
Honorable Mention
ZeroEyes - Booth #40821

Video Surveillance Cameras HD (Megapixel)
Hanwha Techwin - Booth #14079
Honorable Mention
Bosch Security and Safety Systems - Booth #11053

Video Surveillance Cameras IP
Speco Technologies - Booth #20053

Video Surveillance Data Storage
ProActive Data Storage and Monitoring & IronYun - Booth #16133

Video Surveillance Hardware and Accessories
Dotworkz Sysems - Booth #L18

Video Surveillance Management Systems

Milestone Systems - Booth #18053

Video Surveillance Mobile Solutions

Vosker - Booth #14145

Application Tips

The completed application is due on February 15, 2019. Make certain your product will be available for sale as of April 9, 2019. Please note that you may opt out of pre-show marketing opportunities. If you do not wish to have your product information placed on the website or in press releases, you must indicate this request on your application.

Answer every question. If you cannot answer a question, please explain the reason.

Be concise and direct in the application form. The application should contain detailed technical information that explains the unique qualities of the product. It should not be a marketing document. Focus your responses on what specifically sets your product apart from a design and engineering perspective. You are advised not to cut and paste your responses from sales and marketing materials. Be thoughtful.

Remember - SIA NPS judges are highly skilled and experienced in security technology design and application. It is a requirement of their position and each has a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the selection, purchase and/or installation of products within the category they are judging. To help your presenter best use the very limited presentation time with the judges, please advise him or her that the judges have reviewed the application and materials that your company submitted prior to judging. Have your presenter read the Presentation Tips.

Presentation Tips

Make certain you are the most appropriate person to present this product to the SIA NPS judges. This presentation needs to be technical in nature – it is not meant to be a marketing or sales presentation. Judges value a presenter with substantive knowledge over a well-polished presenter. SIA NPS judges are highly skilled and experienced in security technology design and application. It is a requirement for their position. Each judge possesses a minimum of 10 years experience in the selection, purchase and/or installation of products within the category that they are judging. Please be familiar with the application submitted by your company. The judges will have reviewed this information, and, in most cases, will have visited your website prior to your presentation. You should avoid duplicating the information your company has already submitted. Be direct and concise in your presentation. Focus on what specifically sets your product apart. You are advised not to pull content from sales and marketing materials.

Explain what is new about your product. Convey what value it brings to the category and why you selected the category for your entry. Allow 50-70 percent of your presentation time for judges' questions. Live demonstrations are best. Judges want to see your product in action whenever possible; they do not want to be handed a plastic, hollow, inoperable prototype, and they do not want to rely on photographs of the products.

BE ON TIME. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your presentation. Enter the judging room prepared to begin – computers should be powered up with the application open and running, and equipment should be ready for immediate demonstration.

Introduce yourself quickly and move directly into your presentation. You may bring additional pieces of literature to the presentation. Judges will already have the materials your company submitted in the online application.


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